1. What is a Highlight film/video?
A highlight film is a short film with all of the best moments of your day that help tell your story. It typically includes all key moments, but if something did not make it in we do offer raw footage as an add-on!
2. What is an 'Keepsake' edit?
The 'keepsake' edit is a video of all the moments from the day combined. Similarly to raw footage but combined into one or multiple videos. 
3. What is a Documentary Edit?
The highlight film is something that if you wanted to show a friend, family member, social media - some of the best short moments from the wedding. A documentary edit is something to pull out during an anniversary or rainy day - it is a long film with some of everything from the day in it!
4. What is ‘Raw Footage’?
Raw Footage are all of the individual clips taken from the camera, straight out of camera. This is offered as an add-on!
5. Do you back up our footage?
Yep! emergencies happen, and we guarantee that we will have your footage for at least three months after delivering your wedding film!
6. What is a 'Next Day Edit'?
We know just as much as you do that the day flew by so quick! We offer a Next Day Edit so that you can take a look at how beautiful you and your spouse looked on that amazing day!
7. Do you choose the music? Can I help you?
We definitely want the best film for you so we’d love any input on genres that you love and don’t love. However we choose the music for multiple reasons – the first and foremost being pacing. The song choice helps create a cohesive film. While some songs are great, others may not be the best choice for a wedding film.
8. How does your approach from a highlight film to a documentary edit differ? 
The approach to filming a documentary edit to a highlight film is ironically the same - Its simply about the edit! This is because we want to provide the best experience possible and  take a documentarian approach rather than a completely creative approach. 
9. Do you film creatively or documentarian?
We do both! However we place an emphasis on the documentarian approach, which is much more important long term! By that we mean, we film everything! We fully document  the ceremony, speeches/toasts, dances, private letter/vow reading, first look, so that we can do a longer edit any time upon request!
10. Do you pose of direct us?
A mixture of both! For most parts of the day, we take a documentary approach – a majority of events are captured candidly. However, there are parts of the day where we will be very intentional with every detail of the shot, such as the composition, lighting, and movement.
11. How do you move throughout the day?
In the beginning we are very close and intimate and then as the day progresses, you are on the stage and in front of everyone - we try to blend into the crowd and shadows!
12. How much to book our date?
25% is due to secure the date upon signing of the agreement!
13. When is final payment due?
Final payment is due 60 days before the wedding, and I will confirm with you two weeks before the wedding date!
14. How are photos/videos delivered?
They are delivered, through a cloud/drive for viewing, but physical copies will be mailed to your address! 
15. Why should we hire you?
Our number one goal is to remove any stress about having your day captured. With over 4 years of experience in photography and video we're pretty much Gurus at this point! You can worry less about your wedding day knowing we're capturing every moment for years to come. Also with multiple packages and open communication we'll always be there for you. We're super flexible, easy-going and excited to work with all of your other vendors to make your wedding day smooth-sailing and memorable!
16. How much do you Charge?
Picking one of our core packages will range from $800 to $3000. These come with their own savings, but we also offer add-ons for any of our packages! Pricing may vary as demand and availability change, so let me know. if you have any questions asap!

Do you have any additional questions, special requests or details you want to make sure are in the video? Contact us and let us know! We are excited to hear from you!
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